What Do I Do with My EV Charger When I Move?

The fragile knickknacks have been bubble-wrapped. Assorted belongings have been boxed according to size and importance. The furniture has been properly prepped for loading. But what do you do with your EV charger when you move?

When you’ve invested in an Electric Vehicle (EV), ensuring that your charger is accessible and functional is paramount – and hiring a professional contractor and master electrician to make sure the job is done correctly is always the best first step. But one of the biggest concerns EV owners have is how to manage their hardwired charging installations when they buy a new home.

Good news: transitioning your EV charger to your new home is simpler and more efficient than ever, particularly when you partner with a comprehensive provider like EV Power Solutions.

Understanding the Challenge

Many homeowners fear that their fixed EV installations may either become a wasted investment or a burden when selling their homes. EV Power Solutions offers a comprehensive package to assist EV owners during their moving process:

  • Service: Our team provides a seamless disconnection service for your EV charging unit, offering 20% off of our normal service fee of $250. The best part? We even assist with units our team didn’t initially install.
  • Safety: Once your EV unit is disconnected, our team will terminate the wire into an approved electrical box, labeling it as “Future EV Ready,” not only ensuring the safety of your home but also adding value to your property.
  • Many new homes have NEMA 14-50 outlets already installed. While it is now Maryland code for new homes to have an EV hookup at the ready, builders frequently install aluminum wiring for the outlet – which can be tricky. Most chargers – Tesla in particular – will not warrant units if they are connected with aluminum wiring. Our team can inspect your new home and run a new all copper line if necessary.[NO1] 
  • Relocation: Your charging unit can then [NO2] be easily reinstalled in your new home, ensuring you don’t miss out on the benefits of your EV charger. Our crew can schedule reinstallation for closing day or even before if access to the home is possible. We can also arrange for installation at any time after closing that fits with your schedule.
  • Reconnection: For optimal performance, a WiFi connection should be available during reinstallation at your new home. However, if it’s not present during or before closing, EV Power Solutions can still complete the installation and then commission the unit once the Internet connection is available.

Benefits of Transferring Your EV Chargers

By relocating your charger, you not only avoid the expense of purchasing a new unit for your new home, but you can enjoy uninterrupted access to charging facilities. Better yet, advertising your old home as “EV hookup ready” will increase its market value and appeal to potential EV owner buyers.

Transitioning to a new home is stressful enough without worrying about what to do with your EV charger when you move.  EV Power Solutions makes the process just a little bit easier, ensuring EV owners and their chargers never suffer from “separation anxiety.” Reach out to our team today to learn more.