do EV charging stations cost money

Do EV Charging Stations Cost Money?

By EV Power Solutions | May 7, 2024

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road is swiftly increasing. As a result, the demand for convenient charging solutions is also on the rise. Understanding the costs associated with public EV charging stations is crucial for current and prospective EV owners alike. Do EV Charging Stations Cost Money? The cost of charging an…

can I install an EV charger myself

Can I Install an EV Charger Myself?

By ereiner | April 15, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the convenience of at-home charging stations has emerged as a significant advantage for EV owners. The convenience an in-home power source provides, however, has led many do-it-yourselfers to consider installing these units themselves. While this approach may seem appealing for multiple reasons at first glance, entrusting…

do electric cars need oil changes

Do Electric Cars Need Oil Changes?

By EV Power Solutions | March 19, 2024

At EV Power Solutions, we’re happy to filter out any confusion regarding one common question: “Do electric cars need oil changes?” Many car buyers transitioning to an EV after decades of traditional motor vehicle use wonder if the hassle and time drain of the routine oil change will continue to bog them down. The simple…

the most efficient way to charge an EV

What is the Most Efficient Way to Charge an EV?

By EV Power Solutions | December 19, 2023

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are reshaping the landscape of transportation, offering a greener, more sustainable way to travel. But with the advent of this technology comes a pivotal question: What is the most efficient way to charge an EV? The answer lies in finding the right balance between charging speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness — a balance…

bidirectional charging

Bidirectional Charging: You Can Charge Your Home Using Your Car Battery

By EV Power Solutions | November 19, 2023

The lightning flashes. The thunder cracks. The lights go out. And not just in one room, or on one floor – but your home, the next-door neighbor’s, and every house on the block. You’re stuck without any way to charge your devices or use essential appliances. But wait! Your electric vehicle (EV), is sitting right…

A charger plugged into an electric car with a man and child walking towards a house in the background for the what do I do with my ev charger when I move blog.

What Do I Do with My EV Charger When I Move?

By EV Power Solutions | October 5, 2023

The fragile knickknacks have been bubble-wrapped. Assorted belongings have been boxed according to size and importance. The furniture has been properly prepped for loading. But what do you do with your EV charger when you move? When you’ve invested in an Electric Vehicle (EV), ensuring that your charger is accessible and functional is paramount –…

photo of EV charging at home using level 2 charger for is EV charging cheaper than gas blog

Is EV Charging Cheaper than Gas?

By EV Power Solutions | August 25, 2023

With a growing focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, the automotive industry has witnessed a significant surge in electric vehicles (EVs). As EV adoption continues to rise, one question remains on the minds of potential buyers: “Is EV charging cheaper than gas?” Yes, it is! In fact, charging your EV battery at home is perhaps the…

Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed Regarding Level 2 Charging Requirements

By EV Power Solutions | August 22, 2023

Level 2 vehicle chargers draw A LOT of power. How much? Well, to put it into perspective, consider: a level 2 charger running at 48 amps is equivalent to ratcheting your oven up to a full 450 degrees, turning on all of the stove’s cooktop burners, and then tossing some bread into the toaster and…

Fuel gauge/battery life meter of an electric car for "What Drains an Electric Car Battery the Most?" blog.

What Drains an Electric Car Battery the Most?

By EV Power Solutions | July 13, 2023

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, so does the demand for convenient charging options. For EV owners considering installing a Level 2 charging station at home, understanding what drains an electric car battery the most is crucial. Here are just a few factors that can impact EV battery life and leave…

EV level 2 charger, charging in garage at residential home

What Are the Three Different Types of EV Charging?

By EV Power Solutions | June 28, 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant popularity in recent years as a sustainable – and fun – transportation option. However, one key consideration for EV owners is the availability and efficiency of charging infrastructure. While each method ultimately gets the job done, the differences between options on the market today are nothing short of shocking.…